Sandra V. Pereda

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The giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C. Agardh is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, yet it exhibits distinct population dynamics at local to regional spatial scales. Giant kelp populations are typically perennial with the potential for year-round reproduction and recruitment. In southern Chile, however, annual giant(More)
Annual populations of Macrocystis pyrifera in Southern Chile have been the main focus of studies intending to understand how these populations can couple consecutive sporophytic generations. Research has included studying the population dynamics and gametophytic responses to environmental conditions and the role of recruitment, grazing, and the use of(More)
Food supply for deposit feeders varies from highly seasonal phytodetritus to a steady source of older organic matter, resulting in contrasting patterns of nutrient uptake and storage. To identify patterns in energy storage and feeding behaviour driven by different food conditions for the circumpolar deposit-feeding protobranch bivalve Yoldia hyperborea, we(More)
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