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7068 Background: Bevacizumab (BV) added to chemotherapy prolongs survival in non-squamous NSCLC, but was uncommonly associated with serious pulmonary hemorrhage (PH) (Sandler A, et al, ASCO 2005). A retrospective study was conducted to potentially identify clinical or radiographic (CT) risk factors associated with early onset (<150 days from initial(More)
The degree to which immunosuppression and/or rejection influences recurrent hepatitis C (HCV) after liver transplantation (LT) for end-stage HCV cirrhosis remains poorly defined. We quantified serum HCV-RNA in 84 serum samples from 28 anti-HCV-positive patients taken 223 days prior to and up to 1719 days after liver transplantation to determine if(More)
BACKGROUND Histologic findings of diabetic nephropathy (DN) are observed in allografts of patients with pretransplant (PreTx) diabetes mellitus (DM) and in patients who develop DM posttransplant (PostTx). Patients with allograft biopsies (Bx) were retrospectively studied to determine the incidence of recurrent and de novo DN and to ascertain what, if any,(More)
Gene expression profiling is a tool to gain mechanistic understanding of adverse effects in response to compound exposure. However, little is known about how the common handling procedures of experimental animals during a preclinical study alter baseline gene expression. We report gene expression changes in the livers of female Sprague-Dawley rats following(More)
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