Sandra Tartarelli

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A key factor for the success of hotspot deployment is played by the capability of supporting real-time multimedia applications. The IEEE 802.11e standard for providing QoS in 802.11 WLANs (wireless LANs) has been recently completed. It allows differentiated QoS guarantees for different types of traffic, like video, voice and best effort. In this paper we(More)
SPam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) is expected to become a very serious issue in the next years. The threat is going to spin out from the well known email spam problem by bot nets being re-programmed to initiate not just spam emails but also Voice over IP (VoIP) calls. Preventing SPIT is a new problem, because many well-established methods for blocking(More)
In this paper we analyse a wavelet based method for the estimation of the Hurst parameter of syntheticallygenerated self-similar traces, widely used in a great variety of applications, ranging from computer graphics to parsimonious traffic modelling in broadband networks. The aim of this work is to point out the efficiency of multiresolution schemes in the(More)
114 callee is disturbed by the ringing phone. This paper proposes a novel technique to identify SPIT calls based on typical voice communication patterns. However, as for email spam, a single method will not be sufficient to prevent sufficiently from all SPIT attacks. Therefore, this paper proposes a generic SPIT prevention system architecture that allows to(More)
A lot of network management applications rely on the measurement of the delay experienced by packets between two observation points (one way delay). In this paper we describe an implementation of a passive OWD measurement system composed of a set of synchronized measurement points that observe selected packets and report transit timestamps to a collector(More)
A future where Internet Telephony will constitute a target valuable to attack is not so unrealistic. E-mail spam botnets software can be updated to send voice spam (commonly referred to as SPIT, SPam over Internet Telephony) constituting a huge threat to VoIP-based applications and business. This paper tries to learn from one of the biggest lessons learnt(More)