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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the use of healthcare resources during the last six months of life among patients of US hospitals with strong reputations for high quality care in managing chronic illness. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study based on claims data from the US Medicare programme. PARTICIPANTS Cohorts receiving most of their hospital care from 77(More)
CONTEXT Because diagnosis is typically thought of as purely a patient attribute, it is considered a critical factor in risk-adjustment policies designed to reward efficient and high-quality care. OBJECTIVE To determine the association between frequency of diagnoses for chronic conditions in geographic areas and case-fatality rate among Medicare(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the bias associated with frequency of visits by physicians in adjusting for illness, using diagnoses recorded in administrative databases. SETTING Claims data from the US Medicare program for services provided in 2007 among 306 US hospital referral regions. DESIGN Cross sectional analysis. PARTICIPANTS 20% sample of fee for(More)
CONTEXT Although drug-eluting stents reduce restenosis rates relative to bare-metal stents, concerns have been raised that drug-eluting stents may also be associated with an increased risk of stent thrombosis. Our study focused on the effect of stent type on population-based interventional outcomes. OBJECTIVE To compare outcomes of Medicare beneficiaries(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the performance of two new approaches to risk adjustment that are free of the influence of observational intensity with methods that depend on diagnoses listed in administrative databases. SETTING Administrative data from the US Medicare program for services provided in 2007 among 306 US hospital referral regions. DESIGN Cross(More)
John E Wennberg professor emeritus in the evaluative clinical sciences 1 , Douglas O Staiger professor of economics 2 , Sandra M Sharp research associate 1 , Daniel J Gottlieb research associate 1 , Gwyn Bevan professor of policy analysis, head of the department of management 3 , Klim McPherson visiting professor of public health epidemiology and emeritus(More)
In this article, we document a stabilization in adverse outcomes associated with hysterectomies, cholecystectomies, and prostatectomies performed between 1972-73 and 1982-83 in Manitoba, Canada. The proportion of surgery performed by high-volume surgeons and by surgical specialists increased slightly over the decade. However, given the already low rates of(More)
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