Sandra Schlösser

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BACKGROUND A series of open studies suggests that topiramate has efficacy in bipolar disorder. To further investigate the potential value of topiramate as an antimanic agent, we conducted an open trial in 11 manic patients. METHOD Eleven patients with bipolar I disorder with an acute manic episode (DSM-IV) were treated with a mood stabilizer and/or(More)
Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with interferon alpha (IFN-alpha) is relatively contraindicated in patients with psychiatric disorders because of possible severe psychiatric side effects. We report on a case of a female patient with a chronic schizoaffective psychosis, who was treated for 3 months with 3 x 3 mio IE IFN-alpha s.c./week because of a chronic(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients with rapid cycling bipolar disorder are frequently observed to fail conventional treatment. We conducted a preliminary study to explore the potential efficacy of lamotrigine in the treatment of this refractory patient population. METHODS In an open longitudinal investigation, 14 patients with rapid cycling bipolar disorder were treated(More)
In contrast to mania, bipolar depression is usually characterised by longer-lasting episodes and a higher incidence of treatment refractoriness. Additionally, the risks of antidepressive standard treatment regimens are increasingly recognised, especially the risk of a switch into mania or induction of a rapid cycling course. Mood stabilisers, e.g. lithium,(More)
Although much progress has been made in successfully treating bipolar disorder, there is increasing awareness of the limitations of traditional treatment regimens such as lithium and neuroleptics. The large family of anticonvulsant drugs, however, appears to be capable of providing new treatment options, not only as medication of second choice in patients(More)
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