Sandra Schaffert

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The knowledge society requires lifelong learning and flexible learning environments that allow learners to learn whenever they have time, whereever they are, and according to their own needs and background knowledge. In this article, we investigate how Semantic Wikis – a combination of Wiki and Semantic Web technology – can support learners in such flexible(More)
The use of microblogging applications (especially Twitter) is becoming increasingly commonplace in a variety of settings. Today, active conference participants can post messages on microblogging platforms to exchange information quickly and in real-time. Recent research work was based on quantitative analyses in terms of the number of tweets or active(More)
Die Studie wurde unter der CreativeCommons Lizenz " BY–ND 3.0 " ( veröffentlicht und steht sowohl über das Portal des Vereins Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria als auch über die Website der Salz-burg Research Forschungsgesellschaft zum Download zur Verfügung. Die Studie wurde für den zweiseitigen Ausdruck(More)
This presentation is concerned with Open Educational Resources and Practices, based on findings of the EU-project " Open eLearning Content Observatory Services " (OLCOS). We present the results of a study on the European OER landscape, which explores the possible pathways towards a higher level of production, sharing and usage of OER and provides an(More)
Developers of new learning scenarios – either from technological or educational background – act upon their (implicit) theories and concepts of learning and technology. Especially in the field of learning with the Semantic Web, there is – up to now – no awareness about the differing (and conflicting) underlying concepts. In this contribution, we try to(More)
Seamless Learning shall initiate human learning processes that exceeds lesson and classroom limits. At the same time this approach fosters a self-regulated learning, by means of inspirational, open education settings. Advanced learning materials are easily accessible via mobile digital devices connected to the Internet. In this study it was explored whether(More)