Sandra Sanfilippo

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BACKGROUND The v-erbA oncogene, carried by the Avian Erythroblastosis Virus, derives from the c-erbAalpha proto-oncogene that encodes the nuclear receptor for triiodothyronine (T3R). v-ErbA transforms erythroid progenitors in vitro by blocking their differentiation, supposedly by interference with T3R and RAR (Retinoic Acid Receptor). However, v-ErbA target(More)
(2007). Large-scale analysis by SAGE reveals new mechanisms of v-erbA oncogene action. (2002). A single point mutation in ecdysone receptor leads to increased ligand specificity: Implications for gene switch applications. (2007). A genomic screen for activators of the antioxidant response element. (2004). A novel nuclear receptor/coregulator complex(More)
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