Sandra S Tomita

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PURPOSE To assess the efficacy and accuracy of ultrasonography (US) and selective computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children. METHODS A retrospective review of all ultrasound evaluations for appendicitis from July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2010, was conducted at two urban pediatric centers. Beginning in 2003, a(More)
Although foreign body ingestions are common in infants and young children, penetration of the esophagus is a relatively rare event. Timely diagnosis is impeded by the absence of classical symptoms and by the ingestion of radiolucent foreign bodies. The authors present a 17-month-old girl with a 6-month history of inspiratory stridor. An extensive workup(More)
Heteropagus twin refers to a type of conjoined twin in which an incomplete smaller (parasitic) twin is attached to and dependent upon an otherwise normal host twin. The majority of cases have complete or partial duplication of the pelvis and/or lower extremities. The case depicted herein is unusual in that only isolated case reports have described an(More)
Gliomatosis peritonei is a rare condition associated with ovarian teratomas. Even rarer is extraperitoneal gliomatosis. We present a case of extraperitoneal gliomatosis with pleural implants and implants within the flank muscles, which regressed after resection of the primary tumor.
Duplicate bladder exstrophy is a rare variant of the exstrophy/epispadic lesions in which an external patch of exstrophic bladder presents in addition to a closed bladder in a more normal anatomical position, diastasis of the pubis and rectus muscles, and often a form of epispadias. We describe an anomaly of this variant with a fistula to the closed(More)
BACKGROUND There has been increasing interest and concern raised in the surgical literature regarding changes in the culture of surgical training and practice, and the impact these changes may have on surgeon stress and the appeal of a career in surgery. We surveyed pediatric surgeons and their partners to collect information on career satisfaction and(More)
Purpose. Torsion of the fallopian tube, involving hydatids of Morgagni, though a rare cause of acute pelvic pain in young girls, can pose significant risks to future fertility. Tubal torsion may present as a diagnostic dilemma since the ovary itself usually appears normal on ultrasound. Thus, surgical intervention may be delayed which can lead to worsening(More)
An unusual complication of bowel perforation after unit rod posterior spinal fusion and anterior spine release via a retroperitoneal approach is described. This complication has not been previously described. The pediatric surgical specialist should be aware of this consideration in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain after unit rod posterior(More)