Sandra S. Liu

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Two important areas are underexplored in the relationship between marketing resources and performance. First, the subject has been primarily investigated in the context of Western countries, and inadequate attention has been given to emerging economies. Second, despite the recent growth in globalization, the moderating role of globalization on the link(More)
High healthcare cost has drawn much attention and healthcare service providers (HSPs) are expected to deliver high-quality and consistent care. Therefore, an intimate understanding of the most desirable experience from a patient's and/or family's perspective as well as effective mapping and communication of such findings should facilitate HSPs' efforts in(More)
Understanding healthcare performance from the patient's perspective has attracted more attention from the scholars and practitioners as consumers are becoming the driving force to the innovation of healthcare delivery in the knowledge economy (Morath 2003; Scott 2003). However, most of the studies have been constrained in the methods by which the clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Customer capital is a value generated and an asset developed from customer relationships. Successfully managing these relationships is enhanced by knowledge management (KM) infrastructure that captures and transfers customer-related knowledge. The execution of such a system relies on the vision and determination of the top management team (TMT).(More)
UNLABELLED The identification and exploration of moderators of health department accreditation remain limited by current dichotomous conceptualizations of pursuit. METHODS A 2015 survey measured Indiana local health department (LHD) accreditation pursuit and progress, classifying respondents by progress evidence. Covariates included attitudes about the(More)
PURPOSE This paper aims to provide an example of how to use data mining techniques to identify patient segments regarding preferences for healthcare attributes and their demographic characteristics. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH Data were derived from a number of individuals who received in-patient care at a health network in 2006. Data mining and(More)
This study uncovers the ignored role of institutional environment for marketing strategy and customer relationship management. Hypothesis tests in a sample of Chinese firms find support that channel networking strengthens the customer orientation–customer trust/commitment– firm performance (CTP) causal chain. In addition, the results show that government(More)
INTRODUCTION This article describes an observational study of caring behaviors in the emergency departments of 4 Ascension Health hospitals and the impact of these behaviors on patient loyalty to the associated hospital. These hospitals were diverse in size and geography, representing 3 large urban community hospitals in metropolitan areas and 1 in a(More)
BACKGROUND More Medicaid holders are entering the healthcare system consequential to Medicaid expansion. Their experience has financial consequences for hospitals and crucial implications for the provision of patient-centered care. This study examined how the hospital characteristics, especially the rates of Medicaid coverage and racial/ethnic minorities,(More)