Sandra S Hill

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Of the many compounds that leach from respiratory therapy tubing into air passing through it, we selected five compounds to analyze. The five compounds are known to be potentially carcinogenic, toxic or known to induce estrogenic activity. Parts-per-million and parts-per-billion concentrations of these species were found in the air passing through the(More)
Varidase is used throughout the world for the topical treatment of purulent and suppurating wounds. Its efficacy is centred on two enzymes, streptokinase and streptodornase. However, these represent only a small proportion of the bulked solid. This article gives an overview of the preparation and mode of action of Varidase, as well as showing some of the(More)
In 1999, a Blue Ribbon Panel convened to examine the health effects of two commonly used plasticizers present in medical devices and toys. Of particular interest were the plasticizers used in medical tubing. Hospitalized patients can be exposed to a high dose of these chemicals while receiving respiratory therapy or during hemodialysis, and are more likely(More)
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