Sandra Rosskopf

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UNLABELLED Specimen collection method and quality insurance are pivotal in biomarker discovery. Pre-analytical variables concerning blood collection and sample handling might affect analytical results and should be standardised prior application. In this study, we examine pre-analytical characteristics of blood samples using protein microarray. The(More)
Persistent stimulation with antigens derived from viruses that establish chronic infections or tumour antigens results in the exhaustion of T cells. Coinhibitory receptors like PD-1 and CTLA-4 function as immune checkpoints on exhausted T cells. Blocking these molecules with antibodies improve immunity to cancer cells. Immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting(More)
We have generated engineered APC to present immunodominant peptides derived from the major aero-allergens of birch and mugwort pollen, Bet v 1142-153 and Art v 125-36, respectively. Jurkat-based T cell reporter lines expressing the cognate allergen-specific T cell receptors were used to read out the presentation of allergenic peptides on the engineered APC.(More)
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