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RNA buffers the phase separation behavior of prion-like RNA binding proteins
It is proposed that the nucleus is a buffered system in which high RNA concentrations keep RBPs soluble, and low RNA/protein ratios promote phase separation into liquid droplets, whereas high ratios prevent droplet formation in vitro. Expand
Eating habits and obesity among Lebanese university students
It is indicated that university students would possibly benefit from a nutrition and health promotion program to reduce the tendency of overweight and obesity, especially among male students, and to improve students' eating habits. Expand
Thymoquinone from Nigella sativa Seeds Promotes the Antitumor Activity of Noncytotoxic Doses of Topotecan in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells in Vitro.
Thymoquinone increased the effectiveness of the chemotherapeutic reagent topotecan by inhibiting proliferation and lowering toxicity through p53- and Bax/Bcl2-independent mechanisms. Expand
Kefir exhibits anti‑proliferative and pro‑apoptotic effects on colon adenocarcinoma cells with no significant effects on cell migration and invasion.
The data suggest that kefir is able to inhibit the proliferation and induce apoptosis in HT‑29 and Caco‑2 CRC cells, yet it does not exhibit a significant effect on the motility and invasion of these cells in vitro. Expand
Dieting practices and body image perception among Lebanese university students.
Results indicate that unhealthy dieting practices are uncommon among students, however, developing health promotion awareness' programs to promote good self image within the concept of a realistic healthy weight will be beneficial, especially among females. Expand
Protein- and pH-dependent binding of nascent pectin and glucuronoarabinoxylan to xyloglucan in pea
Abstract. Nascent pectin and glucuronoarabinoxylan, synthesised in vitro by membrane-bound enzymes from etiolated pea (Pisum sativum L.) epicotyls, were found to bind to pea xyloglucan in aExpand
Andrographolide potentiates the antitumor effect of topotecan in acute myeloid leukemia cells through an intrinsic apoptotic pathway
The pretreatment of U937 with andrographolide followed by low doses of TP showed an enhancement in inducing apoptosis when compared to the application of each compound separately. Expand
Kefir induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in HTLV-1-negative malignant T-lymphocytes
Kefir is effective in inhibiting proliferation and inducing apoptosis of HTLV-1-negative malignant T-lymphocytes in CEM and Jurkat cells, and did not affect the mRNA expression of metalloproteinases needed for the invasion of leukemic cell lines. Expand
The Multiple Roles and Therapeutic Potential of Molecular Chaperones in Prostate Cancer
The functions as well as the role of H SPs in PCa progression are discussed and the approach of inhibiting HSPs as a cancer treatment strategy is evaluated. Expand
Effects of Vitamin E Derivatives on the Proliferation of KG-1 Leukemic Cells in Vitro
In nature, vitamin E derivatives can exist in eight different forms which are grouped in two main categories, namely Tocopherols (TP) and Tocotrienols (T3). Each category includes four derivatives ...