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Changes in biomass and bioactive metabolites after treatment with the fungus Nomuraea rileyi (Farlow) Samson added as dried culture (DC) or as dried autoclaved cell powder (DACP) for short and long periods of time have been investigated in Hypericum polyanthemum plants grown under controlled conditions and after 18 weeks of field acclimatization. Plants(More)
Plants of the genus Valeriana (Valerianaceae) are used in traditional medicine as a mild sedative, antispasmodic and tranquilizer in many countries. This study was undertaken to explore the neurobehavioral effects of systemic administration of a valepotriate extract fraction of known quantitative composition of Valeriana glechomifolia (endemic of southern(More)
1. Subject and source Valeriana glechomifolia Meyer is a small herb 5}10 cm high, growing in South Brazil. The plant was collected in April, 1998 in Sa o JoseH dos Ausentes, RS, Brazil and identi"ed by M. Sobral (Curso de PoH s-Graduac7 a o em Cie(ncias Farmace(uticas da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Voucher specimens (M. Sobral, 7733)(More)
High Velocity Compaction has been proposed as a cost‐effective method to prepare fomable precursors and the feasibility of the process has been demonstrated. The impact energy results a key parameter to control the final precursor density leading to a continuous enhancement of performances in terms of maximum expansion and stability of the foam up to values(More)
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