Sandra R. Scott

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The ontogeny of the cerebral pyruvate recycling pathway and the cellular localization of associated enzymes, malic enzyme (ME) and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), have been investigated using a combination of 13C NMR spectroscopy, enzymatic analysis, and molecular biology approaches. Activity of the pathway, using [1,2-(13)C2]acetate as a(More)
Meningiomas account for 18-20% of all intracranial tumours and often recur despite surgical resection. Hydroxyurea is under evaluation as adjuvant therapy of meningiomas. In the authors' initial report of 17 patients with meningioma, hydroxyurea demonstrated modest efficacy, with a median time to progression (TTP) of 80 weeks. In the current study, 21(More)
  • Darren Swanson, László Pintér, Axel Volkery, Klaus Jacob, Jan-Peter Schemmel, Harald +22 others
  • 2004
ii Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with the cover printed on 15% post-consumer recycled paper. Advisors to the project include IUCN – The World Conservation Union and the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development. The research partners and funders wish to thank the government officials and experts who provided input and feedback(More)
Feedback modulation of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels by ATP is a well documented phenomenon in bovine chromaffin cells. However, its influence in the control of hormone release is at present poorly understood. By using combined patch-clamp and fura-2 fluorescence measurements we provide evidence that the three Ca2+ channel types (L, N and P/Q) expressed(More)
Terror medicine, a field related to emergency and disaster medicine, focuses on medical issues ranging from preparedness to psychological manifestations specifically associated with terrorist attacks. Calls to teach aspects of the subject in American medical schools surged after the 2001 jetliner and anthrax attacks. Although the threat of terrorism(More)
Preliminary findings are presented regarding Visi-Pitch settings in relation to automatically derived perturbation values (jitter). Jitter values were estimated from sustained phonation of /a/ at each of four filter settings for three subjects using Visi-Pitch. Data were compared to values obtained by hand measuring the same signals and employing Koike's(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective is to describe the implementation and outcomes of a structured communication module used to supplement case-based simulated resuscitation training in an emergency medicine (EM) clerkship. METHODS We supplemented two case-based simulated resuscitation scenarios (cardiac arrest and blunt trauma) with role-play in order to teach(More)
PURPOSE To determine the impact of an emergency medicine (EM) clerkship on senior (4th year) medical students' perceptions of the EM specialty. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This was a pre/posttest observational study in a mandatory 4-week EM clerkship. Students were anonymously surveyed pre- and postclerkship regarding perceptions of EM. The survey used 24(More)
  • Teresa Lynn Kroeker, Felipe Barrientos, James Brown, Charles Dyer, Pierre Gravel, Sylvie Landry +2 others
  • 2007
In the rst part of this thesis early-type galaxies in Arp groups are examined to determine if any recent mergers have occurred. No unusual rotation curves are found to indicate a merger event in the four out of eleven early-type galaxies with suucient signal-to-noise ratio. Minor axis rotation is another sign of peculiar kinematics and it too is not(More)