Sandra Poulain

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Information retrieval systems aim at answering users' needs. Information Retrieval System performances are evaluated using benchmark collections such as TREC (TExt Retrieval Conference) collections. Evaluation is generally based on global evaluation, computing average results over a set of fifty queries. Doing so, the added value of the different techniques(More)
In this paper we present a system that allows a user to explore or mine a document collection. This system is based on domain and task knowledge modelled in the form of ontologies and allows direct access both to information as it is stored and to information that is built from it. The system has been developed in Java.
This paper describes an approach for information retrieval from collections of XML documents. This approach uses a voting method to identify the XML elements to retrieve according to a query that can combine elements on the content and on the structure of the elements to be retrieved. The approach presented was experimented and evaluated within the(More)
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