Sandra Pérez-Miranda

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In this work, the popular CAS assay for siderophore detection, based on the utilization of chrome azurol S, was redesigned and optimized to produce a new, fast, non-toxic, and easy method to determine a wide variety of microorganisms capable of siderophore production on a solid medium. Furthermore, this specific bioassay allows for the identification of(More)
The solventless microwave-assisted synthesis of aldehydes (1a, 2b–h) and morpholine (3) in 1 : 2 (aldehyde : morpholine) ratio yielded eight 4,4¢-dimorpholyl-methanes (4a–4h), which were thoroughly characterized through FT-IR, H, C and 2D NMR, confirming structures of type 4. The described compounds are dimorpholino-methane (4a),(More)
A new class of bis-di-organotin (IV) compounds were synthesized in good yields (ca. 80%) by a one-step five molecules reaction in which intervene two molecular equivalents of leucine, one of 5,50-methylenebis-salicylaldehyde and either two of di-n-butyltin (IV) or diphenyltin (IV) oxides, that independently provided two bis-di-organotin derivatives. The(More)
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