Sandra Morales

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As Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has taken an important role in foreign language teaching and learning, not only is concrete data about the usefulness of technology-mediated environments for these purposes necessary, but also how the learning process is improved in such environments when learner training for CALL. The objective of this paper is(More)
  • David R. Harper, Helena M. R. T. Parracho, James Walker, Richard Sharp, Gavin Hughes, Maria Werthén +2 others
  • 2014
Biofilms are an extremely common adaptation, allowing bacteria to colonize hostile environments. They present unique problems for antibiotics and biocides, both due to the nature of the extracellular matrix and to the presence within the biofilm of metabolically inactive persister cells. Such chemicals can be highly effective against planktonic bacterial(More)
The algorithm proposed in this paper allows to automatically segment the optic disc from a fundus image. The goal is to facilitate the early detection of certain pathologies and to fully automate the process so as to avoid specialist intervention. The method proposed for the extraction of the optic disc contour is mainly based on mathematical morphology(More)
The potential of aerosol phage therapy for treating lung infections has been demonstrated in animal models and clinical studies. This work compared the performance of two dry powder formation techniques, spray freeze drying (SFD) and spray drying (SD), in producing inhalable phage powders. A Pseudomonas podoviridae phage, PEV2, was incorporated into(More)
The goal of the software proposed in this paper is to assist ophthalmologists in diagnosis and disease prevention, helping them to determine cardiovascular risk or other diseases where the vessels can be altered, as well as to monitor the pathology progression and response to different treatments. The performance of the tool has been evaluated by means of a(More)