Sandra Maria Warumby Zanin

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The present work describes the chemical characterization of a chloroform fraction (CF) obtained from an extract of Ocotea puberula (Lauraceae) fruits, and preliminary antinociceptive analysis of CF(More)
The frequent use of synthetic pesticides to control Aedes aegypti population can lead to environmental and/or human contamination and the emergence of resistant insects. Linalool and methyl cinnamate(More)
This paper aimed to obtain new spray-dried microparticles containing ferulic acid (FA) prepared by using a methacrylic polymer (Eudragit® L100). Microparticles were intended for oral use in order to(More)
Senna ocidentalis is a weed, native to Brazil, considered to infest crops and plantations, and is responsible for yield losses of several crops, particularly soybean. The aim of this work was to(More)
This article aimed to improve the relative solubility and dissolution rate of ferulic acid (FA) by the use of spray-dried solid dispersions (SDs) in order to ensure its in vitro antioxidant potential(More)
A simple stability-indicating HPLC-DAD method was validated for the determination of ferulic acid (FA) in polymeric microparticles. Chromatographic conditions consisted of a RP C18 column (250 mm ×(More)
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