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To investigate whether the specificities of real jobs create distinctions in the performance of workers in different motor tests for the upper limbs, 24 participants were divided into two groups(More)
In simple daily activities carried out by the upper limbs, the cerebellum is responsible for the adaptations required for the accurate movement based on previous experiences and external references.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the effect of one workday on pain and perceived exertion, muscular strength, and electromyographic activity of the erector spinae muscles in welders with and(More)
BACKGROUND Mobility-related problems in older people may be relieved by the use of walking canes. However, the influence of the cane length on the postural stability of cane users has not been(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Our aim is to estimate inter-observer reliability, test-retest reliability, anthropometric and biomechanical adequacy and minimal detectable change when measuring the length of(More)
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