Sandra Mangiapane

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BACKGROUND Current guidelines recommend using aspirin, clopidogrel, beta-blockers, statins, and angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors after acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Although there is evidence that patients often stop taking these medications prematurely, long-term data reflecting the actual reality of care are lacking. We studied(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to review the recommendations given by health technology assessment (HTA) institutions in their methodological guidelines concerning the use of surrogate outcomes in their assessments. In a second step, we aimed at quantifying the role surrogate parameters take in assessment reports. METHODS We analyzed methodological papers and(More)
18623 Background: Patients with advanced cancer are at high risk for bone metastasis, leading to accelerated bone resorption and skeletal related events and a loss of autonomy. Bisphosphonates can reduce the risk of skeletal complications, provided that patients remain on therapy. The aim of our study was to compare the persistency rates of oral and(More)
PURPOSE To examine the recent epidemiological studies on aspirin use and breast cancer risk published from 2001 to 2005 within a meta-analysis, to investigate reasons for heterogeneity between the individual studies and to analyse a dose-response-relationship considering frequency and duration of use. METHODS We systematically searched for cohort-studies(More)
BACKGROUND Despite significant progress in asthma drug therapy in recent years, there has been no major change in asthma morbidity and mortality. It is still important to determine whether pharmaceutical care (PC) influences health outcomes. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of PC with regard to clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes in adults(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether the previously reported regional variation in outpatient antimicrobial use density in Germany has persisted or changed over time and has been similar for both children and adults. Antibiotic [at least 1 Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Code 'J01' drug] prescription prevalence data for the year 2010 were(More)
The different actors involved in health system decision-making and regulation have to deal with the question which are valid parameters to assess the health value of health technologies.So called surrogate endpoints represent in the best case preliminary steps in the casual chain leading to the relevant outcome (e. g. mortality, morbidity) and are not(More)
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In 2011, the Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (ZI) published the website, a portal that presents research results from regional health services in Germany. The Web portal provides a publicly accessible source of information and a growing number of selected analyses focusing on regional variation(More)
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