Sandra M. Kerr

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A field study was conducted at a range of worksites at a number of plants, for two companies, in the primary nickel production industry. The aim of the field study was to provide direct measurements of the distributions of both particle size and relevant nickel species groups (soluble, sulfidic, metallic and oxidic). and to use the data to characterize(More)
A commercially-available, high-volume (28.3 Lpm) Andersen-type cascade impactor was modified in order to extend its operational range further into the range of large inhalable particles for purposes of use in an exposure assessment study in the primary nickel production industry. The modification involved incorporating a 10-ppi (pores per inch) porous(More)
Endothelial damage is central to the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis, while in addition vascular endothelial cells secrete several anti-atherogenic substances including the potent vasodilator nitric oxide. Increased adhesion molecule expression, in response to pathophysiological stimuli is perhaps the earliest indicator of compromised(More)
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