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INTRODUCTION Plants from the Lamiaceae family have been known traditionally for their beneficial health-promoting properties, attributed to their anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic and anti-microbial(More)
Coculture fermentations show advantages for producing food additives from agroindustrial wastes, considering that different specified microbial strains are combined to improve the consumption of(More)
BACKGROUND Herbal liqueurs are alcoholic beverages produced by the maceration or distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants in alcohol, and are also highly valued for their medicinal properties.(More)
BACKGROUND Hop cones, the immature inflorescences of the female plant of Humulus lupulus L., have been used for centuries to improve the flavor of beer and can be also used for a great variety of(More)
Cheese whey hydrolyzates supplemented with phenylpyruvic acid (PPA) and commercial nutrients can be efficiently metabolized by Lactobacillus plantarum CECT-221 to biosynthesize some compounds with(More)
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