Sandra Lechner

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This paper analyzes the relationship between currency price changes and their expectations. Currency price change expectations are derived with the help of different order flow measures, from the trading behavior of investors on OANDA FXTrade, which is an internet trading platform in the foreign exchange market. We investigate whether forecasts of intra-day(More)
This paper addresses the choice of an optimal smoothing parameter for local polynomial matching. A version of Empirical Bias Bandwidth Selection (EBBS) proposed by Ruppert (1997) is applied to account for the MSE computation of the matching estimator. Thereby, an estimator for the large sample variance of the local polynomial matching estimator is also(More)
Statistical disclosure limitation is widely used by data collecting institutions to provide safe individual data. However, the choice of the disclosure limitation method severely affects the quality of the data. In particular, estimators for nonlinear models based on data which are masked by standard disclosure limitation techniques such as blanking or(More)
We develop a panel intensity model, with a time varying latent factor, which captures the influence of unobserved time effects and allows for correlation across individuals. The model is designed to analyze individual trading behavior on the basis of trading activity datasets, which are characterized by four dimensions: an irregularly-spaced time scale,(More)
Qualitative and quantitative comparisons were made before and after complete mandibular dentures were processed. Linear measurements indicated shrinkage in all dimensions, and the greatest shrinkage occurred in an anteroposterior direction along the lingual flanges. Differences in shrinkage across the various points measured suggest that the denture(More)
There is essentially no flexibility in an osseo-integrated implant system, so that the final fit of the prosthesis must be absolutely precise. A simple approach to this problem is presented with details as to impression taking, confirmation of accuracy of the master cast, fitting of the cast metal framework and construction of the superstructure. The(More)
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