Sandra L. Schneider

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The present research utilized aspects of the Principles and Parameters Approach (P&PA; Chomsky, 1991, 1993) in linguistic theory as well as findings from the psycholinguistic literature as a basis for examining sentence production in aphasic individuals. We examined the production of particular wh-movement constructions--wh-questions requiring movement of(More)
Previous research suggests that the noradrenergic system modulates flexibility of access to the lexical-semantic network, with propranolol benefiting normal subjects in lexical-semantic problem solving tasks. Patients with Broca's aphasia with anomia have impaired ability to access appropriate verbal output for a given visual stimulus in a naming task.(More)
BACKGROUND: Some individuals with agrammatic aphasia have difficulty producing verbs when naming and generating sentences (Miceli, Silveri, Villa, & Caramazza, 1984; Saffran, Schwartz, & Marin, 1980; Zingeser & Berndt, 1990). And when verbs are produced there is an over-reliance on verbs requiring simple argument structure arrangements (Thompson, Lange,(More)
Acoustic metrics extracted from speech have the potential to serve as novel biomarkers for a variety of neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions, as is evidenced by the rapidly growing corpus of research articles studying the links between brain impairments and speech. In this paper, we discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of speech biomarkers(More)
[1] We set forth an argument for the integration of social science research with natural science and engineering research in major research infrastructure investments addressing water science. A program of integrated observation of water resources offers great opportunities to address several environmental ''grand challenges'' identified by the National(More)
Professional Positions Vice Chair/Faculty Chair Federal Demonstration Partnership, a cooperative initiative 2011 to date of 10 federal agencies and 119 institutional recipients of federal funds working to reduce unnecessary administrative burdens associated with federal research grants and contracts. Secretary of Health and Human Services on issues related(More)
This paper shows that extraction and analysis of various acoustic features from speech using mobile devices can allow the detection of patterns that could be indicative of neurological trauma. This may pave the way for new types of biomarkers and diagnostic tools. Toward this end, we created a mobile application designed to diagnose mild traumatic brain(More)
we are grateful for having had the opportunity to benefit from her expertise, energy, and unfailing commitment to the highest quality science. Acknowledgments We are grateful to many people who were instrumental along the path of bringing this project from an idea to reality. We would like to begin by expressing our appreciation to David Wright, FDP(More)
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