Sandra L. Calvert

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Available online 11 January 2009 Millions of contemporary young adults use social networking sites. However, little is known about how much, why, and how they use these sites. In this study, 92 undergraduates completed a diary-likemeasure each day for aweek, reporting daily time use and responding to an activities checklist to assess their use of the(More)
This study examines issues of online identity and language use among male and female teenagers who created and maintained weblogs, personal journals made publicly accessible on the World Wide Web. Online identity and language use were examined in terms of the disclosure of personal information, sexual identity, emotive features, and semantic themes. Male(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe how DVDs designed for very young children are constructed, focusing on the formal production features used to present the program content. DESIGN Descriptive study of the concentrations of perceptually salient, nonsalient, and reflective formal features. PARTICIPANTS Fifty-nine DVDs designed for children younger than 3 years. Main(More)
Marketing and advertising support the U.S. economy by promoting the sale of goods and services to consumers, both adults and children. Sandra Calvert addresses product marketing to children and shows that although marketers have targeted children for decades, two recent trends have increased their interest in child consumers. First, both the discretionary(More)
Exergames are videogames that require gross motor activity, thereby combining gaming with physical activity. This study examined the role of competitive versus cooperative exergame play on short-term changes in executive function skills, following a 10-week exergame training intervention. Fifty-four low-income overweight and obese African American(More)
This article examines a study in which young children were exposed to a computer story that varied the amount of control that children had over the visual and verbal content. Children who controlled the computer demonstrated more attention and involvement than those who watched an adult control the experience. Boys who had an adult control the program were(More)
Digital games combining exercise with game play, known as exergames, can improve youths' health status and provide social and academic benefits. Exergame play increases caloric expenditure, heart rate, and coordination. Psychosocial and cognitive impacts of exergame play may include increased self-esteem, social interaction, motivation, attention, and(More)
This study described the relations among the amount of child-directed versus adult-directed television exposure at ages 1 and 4 with cognitive outcomes at age 4. Sixty parents completed 24-hour television diaries when their children were 1 and 4 years of age. At age 4, their children also completed a series of cognitive measures and parents completed an(More)
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Very-long-term, long-term, and short-term verbatim recall of the Preamble to the Constitution were assessed in both naturalistic and experimental television studies. In the naturalistic study of very-long-term memory, young adults who as children were frequent viewers of on educational televised song about the Preamble recalled the words of the text better(More)