Sandra Kneissel

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We report the identification, cDNA cloning, and molecular characterization of a novel, constitutive nucleolar protein. The cDNA-deduced amino acid sequence of the human protein defines a polypeptide of a calculated mass of 61.5 kDa and an isoelectric point of 9.9. Inspection of the primary sequence disclosed that the protein is a member of the family of(More)
The nucleolus is a ubiquitous, mostly spheroidal nuclear structure of all protein-synthesizing cells, with a well-defined functional compartmentalization. Although a number of nonribosomal proteins involved in ribosome formation have been identified, the elements responsible for the shape and internal architecture of nucleoli are still largely unknown.(More)
The nucleolus is the most prominent intranuclear structure of almost all protein-synthesizing cells. It compromises a well-defined functional compartmentalization and a high complexity of molecular constituents. Here, we report on the identification and molecular characterization of a novel constitutive nucleolar component--protein NO52--that is present in(More)
Given the prominence and the biological importance of the nucleus it is remarkable how little is still known about structure-forming proteins in the nuclear interior. The karyoskeletal protein NO145 has been identified as a major constituent of a filamentous network surrounding the amplified nucleoli of Xenopus laevis oocytes. We now show that an(More)
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