Sandra Keller

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CONTEXT Recent evidence suggests bile acids (BAs) are involved in the glycemic control via TGR5 activation with the subsequent release of gut peptides and farnesoid X receptor activation with ensuing release of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs). OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that intraduodenal infusions of chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) would stimulate FGF and(More)
We previously reported that high dose naloxone (10 mg/kg) failed to promote recovery of motor function after a static load injury of the spinal cord in rats. In the present experiments, using the more traditional dynamic weight drop model, we tested megadose naloxone administered by the intraperitoneal route in 23 rats, including saline controls (Experiment(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a behavioural observation method to simultaneously assess distractors and communication/teamwork during surgical procedures through direct, on-site observations; to establish the reliability of the method for long (>3 h) procedures. METHODS Observational categories for an event-based coding system were developed based on expert(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical-site infections (SSIs) are the most common complications after surgery. An influence from talking and distractions during surgery on patient outcomes has been suggested, but there is limited evidence. The aim of this prospective observational study was to assess the relationship between intraoperative communication within the surgical(More)
Previous studies by other investigators using a dynamic weight drop injury model in cats or rats have demonstrated a beneficial effect of naloxone in promoting motor recovery after experimental spinal cord injury. The effective doses ranged from 0.8 mg (total dose) in rats to a high dose of 10 mg/kg in cats. We report here an evaluation of high dose(More)
A marked ionic change in both the intra- and the extracellular space at the site of an acute spinal cord lesion has been reported in the literature. The present study was undertaken to measure spontaneous electrical potentials that might be associated with the previously observed ionic shifts. With the use of an impact (weight drop) model of cord injury in(More)
Noise peaks are powerful distractors. This study focuses on the impact of noise peaks on surgical teams' communication during 109 long abdominal surgeries. We related measured noise peaks during 5-min intervals to the amount of observed communication during the same interval. Results show that noise peaks are associated with less case-relevant(More)
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