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We determined whether a fixed-time AI (TAI) protocol could yield pregnancy rates similar to a protocol requiring detection of estrus, or estrous detection plus TAI, and whether adding a controlled internal device release (CIDR) to GnRH-based protocols would enhance fertility. Estrus was synchronized in 2,598 suckled beef cows at 14 locations, and AI was(More)
The effects of progesterone (P4) on follicular growth and fertility in ewes were examined. In Experiment 1, 22 ewes received either one or three packets of P4 (5 g/packet) or an empty packet subcutaneously (sc) from Days 5 to 15 of the estrous cycle (estrus = Day 0). On Day 6, P4-treated ewes received 12.5 mg of prostaglandin F2 alpha. Follicles > or = 3 mm(More)
Five experiments were conducted with the objective of developing a method to induce superovulation in ewes with a single i.m. injection of FSH. This was achieved by injection of 10 mg FSH-P in propylene glycol at the same time as luteolysis was induced by cloprostenol on day 13 of the oestrous cycle (day 0 = oestrus). Experiments 1, 2, 3 and 5 were(More)
To determine time of occurrence of follicular changes that may be associated with the length of the subsequent luteal phase, follicles were collected at different times before ovulation from cows expected to have corpora lutea of short (control) or normal (norgestomet-treated) life span. Beginning on d 20 to 23 postpartum (d 0 of study), 34 crossbred beef(More)
T264 Effects of 72-h temporary calf removal prior to fixed-time AI on pregnancy rates and subsequent calf performance in suckled beef cows. We determined whether 72 h calf removal (CR) before fixed-time AI (TAI) would increase pregnancy rates or alter subsequent calf performance in suckled, crossbred beef cows. Cows at 2 locations where stratified by days(More)
Over the last several years, the Linux® operating system has gained rapid acceptance in many scientific and commercial environments as the operating system of choice. The Linux operating system is being utilized in rather vast and distinct server environments, including mail, print, and gateway based solutions, and is today regarded as a reliable,(More)
In postpartum cows expected to have corpora lutea (CL) of normal (norgestomet-treated) compared to short (control) life spans, function of the largest follicle increases after an increase in concentrations of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF). To determine whether PGF alters follicular growth and subsequent life span of the CL, 43 crossbred beef cows (19 to 22 d(More)
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