Sandra K. Danziger

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We use a panel study of Michigan current and former welfare recipients to estimate the prevalence and persistence of health problems in the post-reform welfare population and their role in women's employment. Rates of health problems were disproportionately high. Over 70 percent of current and former welfare recipients reported limitations in physical(More)
OBJECTIVES We compared the health of single mothers affected by welfare reform with the health of a nationally representative sample of women to document the prevalence of poor health as single mothers experience the effects of welfare reform. METHODS We compared risk factors and measures of health among women randomly sampled from the welfare rolls with(More)
Current public assistance policies are removing many recipients from the welfare rolls, regardless of their income level. This article examines the post-assistance well-being of a stratified probability sample of 426 "able-bodied" women and men who lost cash benefits when Michigan terminated its General Assistance program in 1991. The relationship of(More)
K E Y WORDS: Adolescent Mothers; Biological Fathers; Family Life. Adolescent birth rates have increased every year since 1987, after remaining rather stable or falling throughout the earlier decades. A recent report cites that there were 62 births to every 1000 women aged 15-19; one-fourth of African-American women had their first birth before they reached(More)
OBJECTIVE This study identifies factors associated with child protective services (CPS) involvement among current and former welfare recipients after welfare reform legislation was passed in the US in 1996. METHOD Data come from the Women's Employment Study, a longitudinal study of randomly selected welfare recipients living in a Michigan city in 1997(More)
This paper presents an ethnographic analysis of a woman's interaction with staff members during the early stage of labor, focusing on the factors that shape the childbirth experience. The observational data were gathered in several hospitals as part of a study of the medical context of childbearing. The paper presents a model of naturalistic inquiry into(More)
The “American Dream” means different things to different people, and there are many different ways to measure whether people have achieved it. Raj Chetty suggests a simple statistic that can be measured empirically: the probability that a child born to parents in the bottom fifth of the income distribution reaches the top fifth of the income distribution as(More)
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