Sandra König

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Coordinate-based, voxel-wise meta-analysis is an exciting recent addition to the human functional brain mapping literature. In view of the critical importance of selection criteria for any valid meta-analysis, a taxonomy of experimental design should be an important tool for aiding in the design of rigorous meta-analyses. The coding scheme of experimental(More)
OBJECTIVE This purpose of this study was to describe school-based occupational therapy practice for kindergarten through twelfth-grade students in Colorado and to examine occupational therapy practice in light of current education policy and published views of best practice. METHOD Study data were provided by 105 occupational therapists and occupational(More)
Advanced persistent threats (APT) combine a variety of different attack forms ranging from social engineering to technical exploits. The diversity and usual stealthiness of APT turns them into a central problem of contemporary practical system security, since information on attacks, the current system status or the attacker's incentives is often vague,(More)
This article presents a percolation-based approach for the analysis of risk propagation, using malware spreading as a showcase example. Conventional risk management is often driven by human (subjective) assessment of how one risk influences the other, respectively, how security incidents can affect subsequent problems in interconnected (sub)systems of an(More)
Decisions are often based on imprecise, uncertain or vague information. Likewise, the consequences of an action are often equally unpredictable, thus putting the decision maker into a twofold jeopardy. Assuming that the effects of an action can be modeled by a random variable, then the decision problem boils down to comparing different effects (random(More)
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