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A Conceptualization of the Employee Branding Process
SUMMARY We propose a conceptual model of the employee branding process in which the employee brand image is driven by the messages employees receive and the mechanisms within employees' psyches thatExpand
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Positioning Southwest Airlines through employee branding
Abstract As the field of employee branding has begun to unfold, more and more executives have become interested in how this process can help them achieve a competitive advantage for theirExpand
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Employee voice: Untapped resource or social media time bomb?
The venues by which employees can voice satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and their experiences with the organization have traditionally been limited to internal communication systems that areExpand
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The employee brand: Is yours an all-star?
Abstract In this article, a typology is presented which will help organizations better reflect the brand image they desire. The assisting typology is based on the extent to which employees know andExpand
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Employee Choice of Voice: A New Workplace Dynamic
Employee voicean emerging strand of contemporary organizational communicationis quickly becoming one of the most important workplace phenomena of our time thanks, in large part, to increases andExpand
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The impact of team leader performance on team member satisfaction: the subordinate’s perspective
The focus of this paper was twofold: to examine critical team leader behaviors (as perceived by the subordinate) that result in team member satisfaction; and to determine if there is a significantExpand
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Growing the Employee Brand at ASI
The employee brand is the image presented to an organization's customers and other relevant stakeholders through its employees. The employee branding process is predicated on achieving andExpand
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Strategic fit: Key to growing enterprise value through organizational capital
Organizational capital is an intangible asset that is a continuous creator of value through generating above-normal revenue growth, innovation, operational excellence, and stakeholder relationships.Expand
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Assessing the Employee Brand: A Census of One Company
Business and brand reputations are often made, or broken, at the point at which employees and their customers come into contact (Bernoff and Schadler, 2010). Thus, organizations are able to enhanceExpand
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The candidate experience: Is it damaging your employer brand?
Abstract The importance of the candidate experience has only recently gained attention as the war for talent ensues. Despite its importance, there is a paucity of research examining the exchangeExpand
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