Sandra Jakob

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Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful tool for mineral mapping and increasingly used in poorly-accessible areas. It only requires a limited amount of validation sample points, but can fail to discriminate spectrally-similar features. In this manuscript, we show that we improve the identification of interesting targets by including geomorphological data in the(More)
We present rare earth element (REE) emission spectra stimulated by lasers with wavelength of 325 nm, 442 nm and 532 nm. Measured spectra represent REE standards in phosphates and fluorides, one set embedded in epoxy resin and one set in form of free-standing single grains. The comparison of emission features from the different specimen allows to evaluate,(More)
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are used increasingly to close the gap between space-or airborne and field spectral data. They are able to provide high-resolution hyperspectral images within a short time. However, complex geometric and radiometric corrections are required. These correction steps are crucial, especially when the data should be used in(More)
Heute existierende Wikis wurden nicht für die Speicherung von georeferenzierten Informationen und für eine Nutzung im mobilen Umfeld entwickelt. Um diese Einschränkungen zu beheben, wurde nachträglich die Möglichkeit geschaffen, die vorhandenen Wiki-Artikel mit georeferenzierten Informationen anzureichern. Mit Hilfe spezieller Webseiten können diese(More)
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