Sandra J Phillips

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The mitochondrial metalloprotease AFG3L2 assembles with the homologous protein paraplegin to form a supracomplex in charge of the essential protein quality control within mitochondria. Mutations of paraplegin cause a specific axonal degeneration of the upper motoneuron and, therefore, hereditary spastic paraplegia. Here we present two Afg3l2 murine models:(More)
OBJECTIVE To review evidence on the assessment of the child with status epilepticus (SE). METHODS Relevant literature were reviewed, abstracted, and classified. When data were missing, a minimum diagnostic yield was calculated. Recommendations were based on a four-tiered scheme of evidence classification. RESULTS Laboratory studies (Na(++) or other(More)
Clones containing five non-adult beta-globin genes were isolated from a library of BALB/c DNA. Together, the newly cloned regions comprise a contiguous block of 32 kb of the mouse genome. Restriction mapping of genomic DNA established the physical linkage of these non-adult genes to the two adult beta-globin genes as well as the two adult genes to each(More)
KK obese mice exhibit a multigenic syndrome of moderate obesity, hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. Here we show that the syndrome is accompanied by a marked elevation of leptin protein in adipose tissue, as well as leptin levels in serum, which corresponds with the degree of obesity. The cDNA sequence of leptin is normal in KK mice, whereas three(More)
This article discusses the growing problem of predatory lending, particularly in low-income, inner city neighborhoods, with a case study of communities in Syracuse, New York. The author documents mortgage lending activities and foreclosure patterns in central New York and argues for continued education throughout the home-buying process. A program that(More)
Background: Dual infection with HIV-1 and HIV-2, which is not uncommon in West Africa, has important implications for transmission , progression, and antiretroviral therapy. Few studies have examined HIV viral dynamics in this setting. Methods: We compared HIV-1 and HIV-2 viral loads from 65 dually infected, antiretroviral therapy-naı¨ve Senegalese(More)
Hugger, hug, is a recessively expressed mutation in mice that features mildly abnormal locomotion, not yet explained, and a unique combination of developmental and degenerative retinal abnormalities. Analysis with the efficient MEV linkage testing stock established that hug is on mouse Chr 19 about 14 cM from th centromere, between the microsatellite(More)
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