Sandra J. Jones

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Performance and subjective reactions of 76 users of varying levels of computer experience were measured with 7 different interfaces representing command, menu, and iconic interface styles. The results suggest three general conclusions:<list><item>there are large usability differences between contemporary systems, </item><item>there is no necessary tradeoff(More)
<italic>Many human-computer interfaces are designed with the assumption that the user must adapt to the system, that users must be trained and their behavior altered to fit a given interface. The research presented here proceeds from the alternative assumption: Novice behavior is inherently sensible, and the computer system can be made to adapt to it.(More)
A measurably easy-to-use interface has been built using a novel technique. Novices attempted an electronic mail task using a command-line interface containing no help, no menus, no documentation, and no instruction. A hidden operator intercepted commands when necessary, creating the illusion of a true interactive session. The software was repeatedly revised(More)
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