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Workforce development initiatives designed to mitigate cancer health disparities focus primarily on oncologists rather than on primary care providers (PCPs) who could be better positioned to address the issue at the preventive and community levels. The purpose of this project was to assess primary care resident physicians’ self-perceived attitudes and(More)
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in birth defects known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. This study examined whether 1-h training sessions on alcohol screening, brief intervention, diagnoses, and treatment of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders could increase practical knowledge and confidence in nurses and student nurses. Data were(More)
Background Alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI) programs have been shown to be effective in reducing risky alcohol consumption among primary care patients [1-3]. Although various implementation protocols exist, it can be difficult to launch and sustain SBI programs. A number of barriers exist, including those related to clinical workflow, the(More)
Maternal perceptions of their children's weight status may limit their readiness to foster healthy habits to prevent childhood obesity. We compared maternal perceptions as measured by verbal and visual scales of their children's weight status (CWS) with measured BMI/weight-for-age percentile among 75 Hispanic mothers with at least one child aged ≤10 years.(More)
Substance use affects people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic levels. Most underserved populations have lower rates of substance use than the general population in a given society, excluding tobacco use. The impact of substance use is more severe, however, in the underserved, with higher rates of incarceration, job loss, morbidity, and mortality.(More)
AIMS Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is often complicated by infections leading to hospitalization, increased morbidity, and mortality. Not much is known about the impact of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) on health outcomes in hospitalized patients with T2DM. We estimated the prevalence and temporal trends of CDI; evaluated the associations between(More)
BACKGROUND Among Hispanics, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis are among the leading causes of death despite generally lower alcohol consumption rates. Moreover, recent national studies have suggested temporal changes in Hispanic consumption and alcohol mortality, which raises the question of whether Hispanic white disparities in alcohol-related mortality(More)
AIMS Information on the burden and risk factors for diabetes-depression comorbidity in the US is sparse. We used data from the largest all-payer, nationally-representative inpatient database in the US to estimate the prevalence, temporal trends, and risk factors for comorbid depression among adult diabetic inpatients. METHODS We conducted a retrospective(More)
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