Sandra I. Sulsky

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OBJECTIVE Osteoarthritis of the hip (OA) is a common degenerative disorder of the joint cartilage that presents a major public health problem worldwide. While intrinsic risk factors (e.g, body mass and morphology) have been identified, external risk factors are not well understood. In this systematic review, the evidence for workload as a risk factor for(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the efficacy of an outside-the-boot parachute ankle brace (PAB) in reducing risk of ankle injury to army paratrooper trainees and to identify inadvertent risks associated with PAB use. DESIGN The authors compared hospitalization rates for ankle, musculoskeletal, and other traumatic injury among 223,172 soldiers trained 1985-2002 in(More)
When data are lacking, models that simulate population health events under different exposure scenarios may serve to inform policy by providing the basis for decision making. In order to be used in this manner, the underlying assumptions must be realistic, and the data used to define the starting point, or " base case " , must be accurate. Methods: We(More)
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