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Hot thyroid nodules (HTNs) in children are rare. Their reported malignancy rate is higher than in adults. However molecular data are rare. We present clinical and molecular data for 33 consecutive (29 benign and 4 malignant) HTNs. 17/29 Benign HTNs (59%) harbored somatic TSHR mutations. The most commonly observed mutation was M453T (in 8/29 samples). T632I(More)
Glycoprotein hormone receptors (GPHR) have a large extracellular domain (ECD) divided into the leucine rich repeat (LRR) domain for binding of the glycoprotein hormones and the hinge region (HinR), which connects the LRR domain with the transmembrane domain (TMD). Understanding of the activation mechanism of GPHRs is hindered by the unknown interaction of(More)
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