Sandra Higuet

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AIMS To study whether exposure to nitrogen trichloride in indoor chlorinated pools may affect the respiratory epithelium of children and increase the risk of some lung diseases such as asthma. METHODS In 226 healthy children, serum surfactant associated proteins A and B (SP-A and SP-B), 16 kDa Clara cell protein (CC16), and IgE were measured. Lung(More)
OBJECTIVES The comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) can detect geriatric problems and potentially improve survival, physical, and cognitive state of patients, as well as increase an older person's chances of staying at home longer. In older people, the number and severity of comorbidity increase with age and are an important determinant of survival. The(More)
Over recent years, new oral anticoagulant agents (NOAC) have been commercialized as a new treatment in order to prevent or treat thromboembolic events. Although the use of NOACs is easier than for vitamin K antagonists (VKA), their risk-benefit balance still raises concerns, especially in the elderly. To evaluate bleeding complications with anticoagulants(More)
Fixed drug eruption is an erythematous eruption of one or more centimetric rounded or oval lesions well demarcated, recurrent at the same place and leaving a residual purple pigmentation. Diagnosis is clinical. Skin biopsy is not essential except in doubtful cases (eg bullous drug eruption can simulate Lyell Syndrome or mucosal reminiscent of erythema(More)
Delirium in the elderly is common but unfortunately underdiagnosed. The consequences could be significant such as an increase of the mortality in the hospital, loss of autonomy and increased risk to be institutionalized. The presentation of the delirium could be hyperactive, hypoactive or mixed. The predisposing and precipating factors are well known. The(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to demonstrate that the International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Urinary Incontinence-Short Form (ICIQ-UI-SF) tool can be applied for a factual score determining urinary incontinence in the Katz-6 Scale, and it is effective to identify score 2 from score 3. METHODS Functional capacity of 63 patients (14(More)
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