Sandra Helena Poliselli Farsky

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Microcystins (MC), a family of heptapeptide toxins produced by some genera of Cyanobacteria, have potent hepatotoxicity and tumor-promoting activity. Leukocyte infiltration in the liver was observed in MC-induced acute intoxication. Although the mechanisms of hepatotoxicity are still unclear, neutrophil infiltration in the liver may play an important role(More)
Formaldehyde (FA) is an environmental and occupational pollutant that induces programming mechanisms on the acquired immune host defense in offspring when exposed during the prenatal period. Hence, here we investigated whether the exposure of FA on pregnant rats could affect the development of an innate acute lung injury in offspring induced by(More)
Fully dispersible, cationic ultrasmall (7 nm diameter) superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, exhibiting high relaxivity (178 mM(-1)s(-1) in 0.47 T) and no acute or subchronic toxicity in Wistar rats, were studied and their suitability as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging and material for development of new diagnostic and treatment tools(More)
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