Sandra Hartmann

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During thermal processing of foods, reducing carbohydrates and amino acids may form 1-amino-1-desoxyketoses named Amadori rearrangement products after the Italian chemist Mario Amadori. Although these compounds are transient intermediates of the Maillard reaction, they are often used as suitable markers to measure the extent of a thermal food processing,(More)
This paper presents a visual editor which supports authors to define the narrative macrostructure of non-linear interactive dramas. This authoring tool was used to represent Propp’s narrative macrostructure of Russian fairy tales in non-linear plot graphs. Moreover, Propp’s thorough characterization of basic narrative constituents by explanations,(More)
Multiple respiratory infections have a significant impact on health and economy. Pathogenesis of co-infecting viruses and bacteria and their interaction with mucosal surfaces are poorly characterized. In this study we established a co-infection model based on pre-incubation of tracheal organ cultures (TOC) with Mycoplasma (M.) gallisepticum and a subsequent(More)
Infection of poultry with low pathogenic avian influenza viruses (LPAIV) is often associated with mild respiratory symptoms but may also lead to loss in egg production in laying birds. In vivo susceptibility of the reproductive tract for LPAIV infection was reported for turkeys and chickens, but virus-interaction with epithelial cells of the oviduct and(More)
Avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) is a pathogen with worldwide distribution, which can cause high economic losses in infected poultry. aMPV mainly causes infection of the upper respiratory tract in both chickens and turkeys, although turkeys seem to be more susceptible. Little is known about virus-host interactions at epithelial surfaces after aMPV infection.(More)
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