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The Xenopus alpha(fast)-tropomyosin gene contains, at its 3' -end, a composite internal/3' -terminal exon (exon 9A9'), which is subjected to three different patterns of splicing according to the cell type. Exon 9A9' is included as a terminal exon in the myotome and as an internal exon in adult striated muscles, whereas it is skipped in nonmuscle cells. We(More)
The Xenopus laevis alpha-tropomyosin (TM) gene, like its vertebrates counterparts, encodes muscle and non-muscle isoforms through two promoters and alternatively spliced exons. In the present study we describe a cDNA clone (XTMalpha7) encoding a skeletal muscle isoform of the gene that differs from the previously described skeletal TM transcript (XTMalpha2)(More)
Alternative splicing of 3'-terminal exons plays a critical role in gene expression by producing mRNA with distinct 3'-untranslated regions that regulate their fate and their expression. The Xenopus alpha-tropomyosin pre-mRNA possesses a composite internal/3'-terminal exon (exon 9A9') that is differentially processed depending on the embryonic tissue. Exon(More)
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