Sandra Guerard

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When using skin markers and stereophotogrammetry for movement analysis, bone pose estimation may be performed using multi-body optimization with the intent of reducing the effect of soft tissue artefacts. When the joint of interest is the knee, improvement of this approach requires defining subject-specific relevant kinematic constraints. The aim of this(More)
Dynamic acousto-elastic testing (DAET) is based on the coupling of a low-frequency (LF) acoustic wave and high-frequency ultrasound (US) pulses (probing wave). It was developed to measure US viscoelastic and dissipative non-linearity in trabecular bone. It is well known that this complex biphasic medium contains microdamage, even when tissues are healthy.(More)
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PURPOSE Quantitative assessment of 3D clinical indices may be crucial for elbow surgery planning. 3D parametric modeling from bi-planar radiographs was successfully proposed for spine and lower limb clinical investigation as an alternative for CT-scan. The aim of this study was to adapt this method to the upper limb with a preliminary validation. METHODS(More)
Retroclival hematoma associated with anticoagulation. We report a case of retroclival hematoma associated with anticoagulant therapy in a 78-year-old-woman, who presented with an isolated left external ophthalmoplegia. The role of the anticoagulant therapy is discussed. There was a spontaneous neurological resolution.
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