Sandra G. Hirsh

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As we seek both to improve public school education in high technology areas and to link libraries and classrooms on the “information superhighway,” we need to understand more about children’s information searching abilities. We present results of four experiments conducted on four versions of the Science Library Catalog (SLC), a Dewey decimal-based(More)
AESTRACT CHILDREN ARE INCREASINGLY GAINING access to digitized information through many media-nline catalogs, CD-ROMs, online services, and the Internet. Using these tools to find the desired information can be challenging, as research has shown with adult searchers of online catalogs and online databases. Searching these electronic information sources(More)
Online fantasy sports are rapidly growing in popularity. Fantasy sports players consume massive amounts of sports and player statistics in order to manage their teams, such as to determine who they want on their fantasy sports team and what changes they want to make during the season. With more people actively engaging in this activity and increasing(More)
AEISTRACT Few information retrieval systems are designed with children’s special needs and capabilities in mind. We need to learn more about children’s information-seeking behavior in order to provide them with information-based tools which support exploratory learning. This dissertation examines children’s search behavior on a hypertext-based automated(More)
Searching information retrieval systems is a highly interactive, iterative process that cannot be understood simply by comparing the output of a search session (the “search product”) to a query stated in advance. In this article, we examine evaluation goals and methods for studying information retrieval behavior, drawing examples from our own research and(More)
We present a unique interface design for mobile devices that addresses major user pain points with deep menu systems and page scrolling. Using a series of 1-5 wheels of content, arranged in a combination-lock style on a single mobile screen, this design enables a user to consume a multitude of personalized internet and web content without ever scrolling(More)
This exploratory study investigated the information needs, information-seeking behaviors, and work group communication patterns of 27 industrial R&D researchers and managers. Participants came from 9 project teams that were at different stages of the R&D research process. Trends in the data suggest differences in information-seeking behavior by research(More)