Sandra G. Dias

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The neurotoxic effects of a commercial formulation of Azadirachta indica A. Juss, also called neem or nim, in adult zebrafish were determined using behavioral models. General activity, anxiety-like effects, and learning and memory in a passive avoidance task were assessed after exposure to 20 or 40 μl/L neem. The results showed that 20 μl/L neem reduced the(More)
The potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) mitochondrial cox3/sdh4 gene cluster was previously identified by heterologous hybridization using a Marchantia polymorpha sdh4 probe. In this work, this potato gene cluster was cloned, sequenced and its expression was evaluated. The gene sequence and gene locus organization were found to be similar to the corresponding(More)
Plankton communities and macrofauna associated to aquatic macrophyte stands in a shallow water-supply reservoir (21°14'09″S; 48°18'38″W) on an aquaculture farm were compared to evaluate the relationship between organism densities and some abiotic features of the reservoir. Water and communities associated were sampled at two sites, one in an area with the(More)
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