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OBJECTIVE To determine whether cumulative lead dose in former organolead workers was associated with MRI measures of white matter lesions (WML) and global and structure-specific brain volumes. METHODS MRIs, tibia lead, and other measures were obtained from 532 former organolead workers with a mean age of 56 years and a mean of 18 years since last(More)
The primary aim of this study was to test the effect of a Protection Motivation Theory (PMT)-based patient education intervention on physiotherapy patients' beliefs about their injury and physiotherapy, intentions to adhere, rehabilitation adherence, and ankle function. A secondary aim was to explore the relationships between the patients' injury and(More)
BACKGROUND Rheumatoid arthritis results in postural instability, pain and functional limitations. As rheumatoid arthritis progresses, localised forefoot deformities such as hallux valgus and clawing of the lesser toes occur, leading to a high proportion of people with rheumatoid arthritis wearing sandals. Sandals may affect postural stability due to poor(More)
BACKGROUND People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have an increased risk of falls. The foot is a common site of pathology in RA and foot problems are reported in up to 90% of patients with established disease. The aim of this study was to determine whether foot and ankle characteristics are associated with falls in people with RA. METHODS Adults with RA(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To some extent, favorable treatment outcomes for physical therapy intervention programs depend on patients attending their clinic appointments and adhering to the program requirements. Previous studies have found less-than-optimal levels of clinic attendance, and a viable option might be physical therapy intervention programs with a(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a questionnaire that focuses only on physical tasks related to lower-limb function and, within that questionnaire, to explore the psychometric properties of a series of questions that are related specifically to activities of daily living (ADLs) and a series of activities more often associated with recreation. DESIGN Inception(More)
BACKGROUND It has been proposed that walking footwear enhances postural stability in healthy older adults. The aim of the study is to evaluate differences between two different types of athletic footwear in relation to postural stability in healthy older adults. METHODS A convenience sample of 21 healthy older adults with mean (SD) of 74 (5) years was(More)
This study investigated the perceptions of health and illness, and the utilisation of the health care system, over the last five years, of Tongan people who reside in New Zealand. A descriptive qualitative approach was used, with the study being implemented by networking with representatives of the Tongan community and health care workers. Twenty adult(More)
BACKGROUND Postural stability can be measured in clinical and research settings using portable plantar pressure systems. People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have decreased postural stability compared to non-RA populations and impaired postural stability is associated with falls in people with RA. The purpose of this study was therefore to investigate the(More)
This study tested the utility of an extended version of the health action process approach (HAPA) to explain the attitudinal and behavioural processes contributing to rehabilitation adherence and ultimately rehabilitation outcomes in physiotherapy patients. The HAPA focuses on self-efficacy, action and coping planning and their relationships to behavioural(More)