Sandra F Allen

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Evidence is presented for the photochemical formation of singlet molecular oxygen (1O2) in air-saturated buffered aqueous solutions of p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) using sunlight-range illumination. This is significant because PABA is widely used as an active ingredient in sunscreen preparations that are applied to the surface of the skin and 1O2 is known to(More)
Drawing from our work with children seen following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this article describes clinical aspects of avoidance in traumatized children and their families. Avoidance in traumatized children and their families seems a final common pathway arising from a number of diverse factors.(More)
Adolescent suicide is a growing problem despite increased awareness and programs to counter the destruction. There are myths surrounding adolescent suicide that contribute to our alarm at the increasing numbers. However, risk and protective factors along with prevention strategies and resources for help are available. Finally, the primary care physician has(More)
Evidence-based practice requires the use of data grounded in theory with clear conceptualization and reliable and valid measurement. Unfortunately, developing a knowledge base regarding children's coping in the context of disasters, terrorism, and war has been hampered by a lack of theoretical consensus and a virtual absence of rigorous test construction,(More)
Child treatment and family therapy have developed divergent theories and methods, yet each contributes concepts that benefit children and families presenting with clinical problems. The authors discuss the theories and methods for both forms of treatment and review the literature on efforts to combine these approaches. They then describe a model,(More)
BACKGROUND Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of disasters. The coming tornado season raises concerns about enduring problems and anniversary reactions related to the May 2013 tornadoes as well as anxiety about the possibility of new events. METHODS This article describes common emotional and behavioral disaster reactions in children and(More)
Changes in relationships, roles, and dynamics associated with deployment of troops to the Global War on Terror can create challenges for their families as non-deployed spouses and their children take on new responsibilities. Children, aged 6 to 18 years, of deployed National Guard troops were assessed to determine the children's perceptions about how their(More)
Adolescent alcohol use and abuse is a problem of growing concern for physicians who treat this population. This article describes current data reflecting adolescent alcohol use and abuse nationally and in Oklahoma and its resultant problems. A description of risk and protective factors, the physician's role in detecting adolescent problems with alcohol, and(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the Resilience and Coping Intervention (RCI) with college students. PARTICIPANTS College students (aged 18-23) from a large Midwest US university who volunteered for a randomized controlled trial during the 2015 spring semester. METHODS College students were randomly assigned to an intervention(More)
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