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Objectives: i) To highlight the increasing use in the literature of unvalidated cut-off scores on the Edinburgh Depression Scale (EDS/EPDS), as well as different wording and formatting in the scale; ii) to investigate and discuss the possible impact of using an unvalidated cut-off score; iii) to highlight possible reasons for these ‘errors’; and iv) to make(More)
This data note explores the relationship of gender, alcohol consumption and premature death from cardiovascular disease (MCVD). Data on the 8164 deaths attributed to MCVD from the National Mortality Followback Study (NMFS) were analyzed controlling for gender and consumption. Women who are heavy drinkers die young at a rate equal to that of men who drink(More)
The importance of identifying pregnant women at high risk of postpartum psychotic illness has been highlighted by recent enquiries and guidelines. It has been recommended that these women are referred to perinatal mental health services, and that individualised care plans are made prior to delivery. This audit describes a cohort of 45 women, referred to a(More)
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