Sandra E. Jacques

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Pathogenic organisms or oncogenically transformed cells often express complex carbohydrate structures at their cell surface, which are viable targets for active immunotherapy. We describe here a novel, immunologically neutral, linker methodology for the efficient preparation of highly defined vaccine conjugates that combine complex saccharide antigens with(More)
Stanford University, for economicreasons,made the deciswn to handle all financial transactions on-line. To move an entire University wifh its legal signature and audit requirements to a computer basedsystemfrom a paper system is quite complicated. Thk processwas broken into several phases;fhefirsf was to get the authorization ,from the various granting(More)
Analogues of GM3 and GM2 gangliosides were chemoenzymatically synthesized on a multifunctional ceramide-type tether designed to facilitate diverse strategies for glycoconjugate synthesis. The truncated ceramide aglycon maintains the stereogenic centres of natural ceramide while avoiding extensive hydrophobicity that can hamper synthesis and purification of(More)
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