Sandra D Sunjic

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AIMS To determine the number and causes of deaths in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING New South Wales (NSW), Australia. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred and thirty-eight patients who died while registered in MMT from 1990 to 1995. MEASUREMENTS Data on number and causes of death in MMT were obtained from data on(More)
AIM To examine patterns and correlates of routes of heroin use among Caucasian and Indochinese heroin users. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Two hundred heroin users resident in South West Sydney. The sample was divided between Caucasian and Indochinese users (each n = 100), with half of each group on methadone maintenance. (More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the circumstances of death and toxicological findings in all heroin-related deaths in New South Wales in 1992. DESIGN Coronial files of all cases of heroin-related deaths were reviewed. A standardised form was used to collect information on sociodemographics, history of drug use, circumstances of death, and results of toxicological(More)
The coronial files of all heroin-related fatalities that occurred in New South Wales (NSW) over the period 1992-1996 were inspected. There were 953 heroin-related fatalities in NSW over the study period. There was a substantial, statistically significant increase in heroin-related fatalities over the study period, from 152 deaths in 1992 to 226 during 1996.(More)
Blood toxicology results for deaths attributed to heroin overdose during 1995 in the South Western Sydney (SWS) region (n = 39) were compared with those of a sample of 100 current SWS heroin users who had injected within the preceding 24 h. Heroin-related deaths had a higher median concentration of morphine than current heroin users (0.35 versus 0.09 mg/l).(More)
The aims of this study were to describe the causes of death in cases found positive for methadone post-mortem, the proportion of cases involving methadone syrup, and of this group, the proportion not registered in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) at time of death, and the number of deaths during induction into MMT in New South Wales in 1996. Coronial(More)
AIMS To trial two novel methods of recruiting people who experience non-fatal heroin overdose through the ambulance service. SETTING Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. METHODS In Melbourne potential participants were given numbered contact cards by ambulance paramedics after revival, while in Sydney potential participants were approached after revival by(More)
OBJECTIVE Given the paucity of research among prisoners, this study aimed to examine the prevalence and psychiatric comorbidity associated with adult ADHD. METHOD The study was conducted at four NSW correctional facilities (2 male; 2 female). RESULTS Thirty-five percent of the sample screened positive for adult ADHD, and 17% of the sample met criteria(More)