Sandra Costa Fuchs

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BACKGROUND This paper discusses appropriate strategies for multivariate data analysis in epidemiological studies. METHODS In studies where determinants of disease are sought, it is suggested that the complex hierarchical inter-relationships between these determinants are best managed through the use of conceptual frameworks. Failure to take these aspects(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate risk factors for pneumonia for infants < 2 years of age. DESIGN Hospital-based, case-control study with neighborhood control subjects. SETTING Urban area in southern Brazil. SUBJECTS Five hundred ten infants with radiologically confirmed pneumonia who were admitted to a pediatric hospital. One age-matched neighborhood control(More)
We investigated mechanisms of concurrent attentional selection of location and color using electrophysiological measures in human subjects. Two completely overlapping random dot kinematograms (RDKs) of two different colors were presented on either side of a central fixation cross. On each trial, participants attended one of these four RDKs, defined by its(More)
Changes in emotional and social behaviour are relatively common following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Despite the serious consequences of these changes, little is known about the underlying neuropsychological deficits. In this study, we investigated which deficits might underlie these behavioural changes. The emotional and social behaviour of 17(More)
Attending to a location in space significantly improves stimulus perception at that location. Everyday experience requires the deployment of attention to multiple objects at different locations. Recent empirical evidence suggests that the "beam" of attention can be divided between non-contiguous areas of the visual field. Whether this is only possible when(More)
INTRODUCTION Although obesity is well recognized as a current public health problem, its prevalence and impact among pregnant women have been less investigated in Brazil. The objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of pre-obesity and obesity among pregnant women, describing its prevalence and risk factors, and their association with adverse(More)
BACKGROUND Studies investigating the prevalence of postnatal depression (PND) show rates ranging from 5% to 36.7%. The investigation of age, race, educational levels, religion and income as risk factors for PND has yielded conflicting results. The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence of PND in women residing in Southern Brazil and the(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MetS) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) vs. controls, and to verify possible associations of MetS with specific disease-related factors. METHODS The subjects were 283 RA patients and 226 healthy controls, frequency matched by age and sex. MetS was defined according to National(More)